Windsor Ting


Windsor Ting, MD, FACC

The Mount Sinai Hospital

Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery

Windsor Ting, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery and Radiology, is a board certified cardiovascular physician at the Mount Sinai Hospital where he specializes in vascular surgery. He earned his doctorate of medicine at the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts and his B.S. at the City College of New York. He completed his residency and cardiovascular fellowship at the New York Presbyterian Medical Center and a Helena Rubenstein research fellowship at Columbia University. Among the vast array of vascular techniques that Dr. Ting has honed over the years, he has developed a particular interest and gained much experience in the evaluation and treatment of complex venous disease. Having practiced vascular surgery for many years, Dr. Ting has grown in tandem with vascular science itself, having seen the practice mature through many phases. Dr. Ting is actively involved in research regarding the use and safety of venous stents. Dr. Ting is the principal investigators in several clinical trials to evaluate the short and long-term efficacy, safety, and quality of life after venous stents. One of his most recent clinical trials includes the Abre Trial which is investigating the safety and efficacy of the Abre venous self-expanding stent system in patients with symptomatic iliofemoral venous outflow obstruction. Dr. Ting's contributions to medicine and vascular surgery have included numerous publications and presentations. A recent presentation is Chronic Lower Back Pain Associated with Proximal Venous Outflow Obstruction at the Frank J Veith Society at VEITH Symposium in New York City. He has also served as an inspiration to aspiring doctors, serving as a model and teacher and training them in medicine that is his life's passion.

New York, New York, United States